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directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. good evening. tonight the lull before the next storm, a chance to clean up. the bay area braces for another round from the river of rain. the rain is starting to come down in napa. these are pictures from the last hour. let's get to meteorologist paul deanno on the latest when the next wave will arrive. >> tracking the rainfall with cbs 5 high def doppler radar. and it is pouring in san francisco. how about that. this is ahead of the next big wave. this is bonus rainfall if you will, though i doubt many
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people call it bonus. san francisco out by the airport, north across the golden gate to mill valley, over to richland, down to oakland, we're looking at heavy rainfall and light to moderate rain as well. and san jose and cupertino getting rain. and widespread rainfall totallies of 1 to 2 inches. that's why we have a flash flood watch for the north bay, the coast and the mountains and a flood warning for the napa river and the russian river and it's going to be windy as well. wind advisory for the coast and mountains for wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. this happens round number 3. we'll talk about what happens once this moves out. that's coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. two rivers to the north are being watched closely tonight. the napa and russian rivers are both under a flood warning. they're expected to rise above flood stage tomorrow on the
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napa and then early monday in guerneville. this is how the russian river looked this afternoon. fast moving and clearly over its banks right now but expected to crest at about 4 feet above flood stage in the next 36 hours causing major flooding on roads and bridges. don knapp is along the river in napa where the river is expected to crest above flood stage. >> reporter: focuses may not have been aware of the flood stage. the river has been behaving itself and until an hour ago there wasn't any rain. there is rain now. people are away of the projections and they're getting ready. so far the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks have delivered 50 tons of sand to this 1st street and freeway drive and folks are filling bags as quickly as the sand came in.
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2000 bags so far were loaded up and shipped out. >> the situation is that i live on a creek. we had a big rain as you know thursday night, and the water came up to almost the top of the retaining wall. and so we decided sandbags were a good idea for tonight. >> reporter: are you afraid the water might come over the wall. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: officials wrapped up a late afternoon meeting to discuss rainfall projection and the possibility of flooding. martin is the information officer for the flood control district. >> because of the history of flooding, we have a good idea of where the water will come out first. we know there's certain points so we can plan in advance. at this moment, if the projections of the rainfall totals are accurate, we're probably looking at street flooding, intersections being flooded, nothing terribly serious. i say that with a caveat. >> reporter: meaning don't let up yet. and folks who know they live in trouble spots are busy tonight trying to make sure they stay
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dry. and tomorrow morning at 8:00 the city officials will meet again to reassess the risk. >> thank you very much. another river being watched to the south is the san lorenzo runs through several mountain communities. it's also running high and fast and more rain will not help matters da lynn was up in the mountains earlier. >> reporter: it's not looking good right now. rain is falling in the south bay. about 55 customers without power in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. the biggest problems in the region up in the santa cruz mountains because a lot of trees are falling down making parts of the mountains very dangerous. one tree came down in front of me. that's the tree you're looking at right there. it appeared to be a dead tree and it snapped off and landed about 15 feet in front of me when i was driving on steven canyon road and a large oak tree fell on a pg&e truck on
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the road last night. you can see the damage on the back of the truck. the truck and the crew were supposed to be sent there to restore power for residents there. >> there was a spot of bad luck right there be but the driver said it's the second time it happened to him. you feel dangerous when it storms here. you think a tree is going to come through your house any second. it can get scary. >> reporter: here's root large tree that came -- another large tree that came down on stevens canyon road. the homeowner pushed away using a bulldozer. a lot of people tell me they're going to have a hard time sleeping tonight with another major storm. i'm da lin. cbs 5. it's the north bay getting the brunt of the storms. cbs 5 anne makovec shows us
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some troublesome areas. >> the river is surprising because the river can rise before you know it it can rise. >> reporter: from rushing rivers to vineyards submergedment north bay is on -- submerged, the north bay is on edge. >> i know i may have late night work to do if it does come up. >> reporter: how serious it is depends on who you ask. >> they're thinking it's going to happen this year and this early in the season. the river is coming up. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of sights like this around the north bay today. this bridge is still passable but you can see the water just flirting with the possibility of closing it down and it's not going to take much. in petaluma, people are aware of the flooding risk, even when willowbrook creek looks like this. >> i start thinking what will i do first, i'll get up, put it on a mat and grab my coat. >> reporter: others are tired of the premature worries. they're waiting for a disaster
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to happen. >> reporter: back in guerneville, the russian river is expected to reach 3 to 4 feet above flood stage, enough to close roads and flood homes. but fire officials say it won't cause major damage until it hits 40 feet. >> everybody's seen it before if they've lived here for a long time. if they haven't listen to what everybody's telling you, be prepared. anne makovec cbs 5. a san francisco landmark burns down. why firefighters decided to not fight the flames. and once i decided that i was going to do this i knew that i would finish. >> a special tribute o to a special friend, why a woman says she ran from time square to the golden gate bridge. ,,
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areas especially in truckee and along highway 89 are being warned to be ready to evacuate. and many people in the bay area are watching the skies and watching their clocks today. they know we have one r -- more hit coming elissa harrington live on how communities are getting along. >> i hope it goes away soon. i don't like it. >> reporter: we're almost there, the final storm in a series of 3 sending people stacking up sandbags prompts a flash flood watch. since wednesday, heavy rain and winds have toppled trees, snarled traffic and left thousands in the dark. the last two storms completely uprooted this 50-foot tree. and a lot more wind and rain is expected tonight so the at pg&e all hands on deck. >> healthy trees are coming down and when they come down they find the power lines well. >> reporter: pg&e crews have been working around the clock to repair downed lines and say
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all power should be restored tonight. just around the third storm is set to arrive. >> we've been lucky because there's breaks in between the one two pinches and the biggest is tonight and we want folks to be prepared. >> reporter: calls for service have been nonstop and they want drivers to slow down. just this morning a big rig jackknifed on 280 in san bruno. >> i would definitely say it's weather related. the driver started to lose control, overcompensated and slid on the road hitting the guardrail. >> a water main break caused a mud slide two weeks ago, residents a keeping an eye on the hillside. >> it might get bigger and the debris and all the trees falling down. >> reporter: if you haven't already cleared debris from your storm drain, keep a flashlight handy and call 911 to report any hazards, elissa harrington cbs 5 in san
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francisco. all the talk is about rain, rain, and more rain, but paul can tell us when we're going to dry out. there's a dry spell coming. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. it's been a wet tunnel, a dark tunnel the past couple days but there is light coming but we have to get through round 3 first. it is raining in dublin, showing you the rain that's coming down. there's a lot of areas now getting rain. paul has picked up on high dfe doppler. and it's going to get here early tonight, and tomorrow. san francisco down to berkeley and emeryville and walnut creek, oakland, city of san francisco, daly city its pouring right now. san brew esansan brew -- san san bruno. and heelsburg, clear lake, santa rosa. only light showers there. guerneville, 35-foot crests
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likely. at 11 on monday, well after the rain is done, that's when the river will hit its peak monday morning 3 feet above flood stage. the napa river will peak or crest a little bit earlier by lunchtime tomorrow, 2 feet above flood stage. moderate flooding is forecast for there. it is a river of tropical moisture literally stretching, we took a plane from here and flew all the way to hawaii, you would be in the same massive cloud. that's how far down to the south and west this tropical moisture goes. low pressure hasn't moved so the next storm will aim right where the last one did, in northern california and round number three is almost here. tomorrow, especially the morning hours it's going to be very wet. there's no round number four and round number three will be out of here by mid afternoon tomorrow. this time tomorrow, rain is done for a little bit. at least the heavy rainfall. look how much heavy rain is going to fall tomorrow and 2 1/2 inches of rain for san
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rafael. more than an inch 1/2 for pleasanton and concord and pacifica. what to expect, heavy rainfall tonight, very wet, windy tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon we finally begin to clear out. oakland 65, concord 62, santa clara 63, very soggy in the morning. 63 nor pittsburgh, walnut creek 63. kentfield 61 and a soggy morning in san francisco with a high of 63 degrees. monday we're dry, tuesday, wednesday, don't worry about that, a few light showers and thursday through saturday we will be mainly dry. it's all about tonight and tomorrow. after that the heaviest rain thankfully is finished. that's your cbs 5 forecast. jill c o ostello died of lung cancer shortly of she
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graduated. her teammates completed a run in her honor. >> reporter: this is the end of a long journey. kelcie jogging with the support of friends. she ran all the way across new york to san francisco. a nonsmoking athlete that died from lung cancer in 2010. that inspired her teammates and best friend kelcie ran for awareness. on july 30th, a total of four months and almost 3000 miles. >> once i decided that i was going to do it i knew that i would finish. >> reporter: the run averaged about 30 miles a day, and kelcie went through 12 pairs of running shoes to shine a spotlight on cancer through rain, sleet and cold. >> there were definitely days that were super hard, you know, just the elements. 20-degree weather. >> reporter: this run raised more than $150,000 for cancer research and kelcie said her departed friend was beside her in memory and in spirit. >> we had this intense
6:46 pm
motivation which was her memory and doing this for jill. >> reporter: it remains to be seen what her next goal will be but if she was inspired by jill, she's an inspiration to others. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedio, cbs 5 cbs5's high def doppler, so powerful, so accurate. live high def doppler only on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the man police believe is responsible for a home invan homicide in monte sereno. he acted al
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checking some bay area headlines, here's the sketch of a man believed to be responsible for a home invasion. investigators do not think he acted alone. they identified the victim as 66-year-old, a prominent south bay millionaire who once owned mountain winery. his wife was hurt but not seriously in the crime. investigators trying to figure out how a man's body ended up on muni tracks. they got the call before 8:00 this morning. it was found near the at&t parking lot. officers are treating it as a vehicle collision but they don't know if a car or a muni train was involved. a san francisco landmark has been guts by a fire. the pool house near the zoo caught fire at 1:00. the building has been abandoned for r years so firefighters did not try to save it. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause not yet known. a moment of greatness for one local teen and i'm not
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in miami... thanks to the nr 2 alabama, & number 3 georga the bcs national title game is january 7th in miami and
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thanks to number two georgia and number three alabama, we got an opponent from notre dame. here came the crimson tide, aj, 45 yards to amari cooper for the touchdown. they came back to take the lead. georgia has to score to win this game. the l ball is deflected caught by chris connely. time ran out. ball game over. alabama inwins 32-28 -- alabama wins, 32-28. last night in palo alto, stanford punched if the ticket -- the ticket for the rose bowl. tied with ucla at 24 this the 4 4th. jordan williamson, he came up big since last year fiasco, did not disappoint. one last ditch effort for ucla but wide and shot for 52 yards
6:54 pm
and stanford seals the rose bowl bid in spectacular fashion. to make it to the finals, and do what we did, the titans (inaudible). >> with my teammates on the podium, it hit me that won pac- 12. >> tragedy struck in kansas city this morning. this is jovan belcher, involved in a murder suicide here at arrowhead stadium. drove to the chief headquarters and shot himself in front of the head coach and general manager. they leave a a 3-month-old daughter. the chiefs were scheduled to host the carolina panthers tomorrow. the game will go on as
6:55 pm
scheduled. last night, check the goal line stand by white. they remain tied at 7 until overtime. now 10-7, elijah, the walk off touchdown, they beat bellman, 13-10. volleyball on the lefte, mckenna becker, the soft shot and that's it. fourth straight year, the branson bulls beat try city christian to win the state championship down in irvine. the raiders did not sell out their game against the browns so for the first time in a year and a half they're not going to be seen on local television and in its place we'll have the ravens and the steelers and after the game, stay tuned for the fifth quarter where we'll
6:56 pm
have full raiders highlights and post game action i ought to know. i'll be outside the locker room. >> i hope they have a win. they need one. we want to check in with paul about this bonus rain as you were calling it. >> it's going to get here tonight. it is heavy rainfall. watch out on the peninsula. next hour is going to be sloppy, headed out for dinner, 7 or 7:30 reservation, leave a little early. it's wet o out there and will be wet all the way through early afternoon tomorrow. soggy, soggy. >> and you'll be watching your maps and doppler radar all night long. >> flood watches and flood warnings, yes. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news. we'll see you at 11. until then your news and weather on have a a good night. ,,,,,,,,
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from sonoma state university, welcome to eye on the bay. i'm liam mayclem. coming to you on this very special day, the opening of weill hall green music center, the day could not be more

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